Mew-Mew House Residents

Here we’ll showcase every cat that has ever resided in the walls of Mew-Mew House. The double-dagger (‡) is beside the names of those cats who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Permanent Residents


Chuckles, Charles, CharlieBear, Giant Orange, Charth Vader,

Charlie was the first cat that entered the life of Mew-Mew’s founder, Penny.

Charlie crossed the rainbow bridge at the ripe age of 17 years, having struggled with diabetes, hypothyroidism, and kidney failure.


Toblerone, Tobestool, Toby-wan

Toby was found in a parking lot as a teeny tiny kitten. He and Charlie were besties.

At 16 years old, Toby abruptly crossed the rainbow bridge due to kidney failure.


Nicholas, Beatnick

Nico was a feral cat that “came with the house.” He was trapped and neutered and became one of the most amazing and tolerant cats you’d ever know.

Nico bore the scars of many years of living outside as a feral cat. He was missing teeth, had scars from frostbite, and had a messed up toe. He was also hyperthyroid. He crossed the rainbow bridge one day for unknown reasons.


Spelly Bean

Spell was adopted from a local shelter. She was regarded as senior. She is an excellent shoe artist and has her own Twitter account.

Aside from suffering from RBF, Spell is in excellent health.


Shades, ABC, NBC

Shadow needed rehoming due to a divorce. He runs the house and regards himself as the Emperor.

Shadow is on a special diet due to a history of bladder stones. Since he’s lived at Mew-Mew House, he has had no problems with stones.


Sagey-pagey, Sage-arama

Spell was adopted from a local shelter. For no clear reason, he stayed in the shelter for an entire year before I adopted him.

Overall, Sage has been very healthy and has recently started asking about getting his driver license because he’s 16. In the last year, he has developed hyperthyroidism, and gets medication twice daily.



Spike was an emergency long-term foster adoption. He was an amazing cat and though he wasn’t with us for long, his impact continues to be felt.

Spike was a 10-year-old former feral who was deaf, blind in one eye, toothless, and FIV+. He crossed the rainbow bridge after only being with us for a short while, most likely due to cancer that his body could not fight.


Snicks, Nicker-D

Snickerdoodle was adopted from a local shelter after spending six months waiting for his forever home.

His long stay in the shelter was due to his hyperthyroidism. Now a resident at Mew-Mew House, he gets medication twice a day. Recently, he’s starting showing signs of kidney failure, so weekly fluid therapy is now part of his regimen.



Skittles came to us as a hospice case. It was a little hard to believe that she was in such poor health given her spunkiness. Maybe it was her tortitude coming out.

She had congestive heart failure and was extremely hyperthyroid, so she had to take multiple pills twice a day. Ultimately, she lost her battle and succombed to kidney failure.



Stan was a professional mouser abandoned when his place of business was sold.

He has settled into a life of being a house cat, but he’ll sneak out if the dog door isn’t secured.



Monster came to us after his person passed away. At 18 years old, a shelter was clearly no place for him.

Despite being elderly, Monster has no obvious health problems. Besides being deaf, that is. What?!



Peanut came to us when his people had to move and they couldn’t take him. He couldn’t be surrendered to a shelter either.

Peanut was diabetic and needed insulin twice a day. The cost of insulin alone precluded a typical rehoming. Sadly, he made the journey across the rainbow bridge not because of his diabetes, but because of some sort of aneurysm or lesion of his brain. He is missed.

Dappled Sunshine

Dapples, Momma

Dapples was part of a feral colony. She was trapped and had a litter of kittens and then took on several other kittens. After the kittens were weaned, she was spayed and found to be very friendly. Rather than being returned to the colony, she came to live here.

She is among the youngest cats here and in good health. Dapples has discovered the joy of continuously available food and has lost her svelte figure. That’s ok. She’s everyone’s mom.



Animal needed a place to retire after losing her home in a divorce.

At 18 years old, suddenly being rehomed was as difficult for her as it was for her person. She only spent a few short months with us before her health took a turn and she crossed the rainbow bridge.


Snowy, Snowball

Snow came to live with us after the untimely death of her person. She had been in and out of shelters and her person did not want her to ever go back to a shelter again.

At 13 or 14 years old, Snow is in fairly good health. We did discover that she had tumors on both halves of her thyroid, and so had half of her thyroid removed. She will need to have medication twice a day for the rest of her life.

Arthur Dent


Arthur is the youngest permanent resident of Mew-Mew House. He’s a 10-month old kitten that was trapped at about three months old from a feral colony.

Arthur had a broken jaw when he was trapped. He is skeptical of humans and our task here is to help him see the good in people.



One day a local rescue organization posted about a cat at a local shelter that needed to not be in the shelter. The post was about Zelda, and we adopted her the following morning.

The only obvious health problem that Zelda has is a lack of teeth. She was very stressed out at the shelter, but is doing much better.



One day in March, Justin turned up sitting on the woodpile at Mew-Mew House. We brought him in and got him fully vetted and tried to find his family – he was clearly too friendly to be a feral. He was only about one year old.

No one has come forward as his family, so he is here now. Our original plan was to find a proper family for him, but with the onset of COVID soon after we found him, he’s now lived with us for several months. I dunno. He may be hard to give up.


Awesome Possum, Rocket Cat

Possum was found in the middle of a remote road on a rainy night.

Mostly Possum runs around, causes havoc, and steals hair scrunchies.


Zeusifer, Zeu-cer-cize

Zeus is one of the younger members of the family, at 2 or 3 years old. He came from the 19th Ward of Rochester, where he apparently had an unfortunate incident with a car. He’s lucky though. Only his tail is paralyzed.

He’s an escape artist and really, really, really wants to be an outdoor-only cat. He may change his tune when the snow flies.



Louis was surrendered to a shelter in Buffalo, NY, where vets discovered he was in desperate need for an dental cleaning and that he is very diabetic. He is also the size of a small mountain lion.

His favorite pastime is sleeping and asking for food.



Named after the Genesee River (and Genesee Brewing Company), Genny is a very big girl who was once a feral.

She can be found sitting next to you gently touching your leg for attention.



Came to Mew-Mew House when she was surrendered at a local vet clinic for being too aggressive. She moved into Mew-Mew House on Halloween of 2020.

Her aggression remained a challenge for almost two months, but then one day… she was fine. When once she was inclined to hiss and bite, today her only aggressive tendency is to head butt so hard that it hurts!



Toughie was a street cat in Rochester. A loving neighborhood group took him to a vet for neutering and vaccines and he was found to be FIV+

He has a tendency to administer “love bites” which actually can hurt quite a bit. However, despite his name, Toughie is actually a softie.



Gizmo was surrendered to a clinic when his people learned that he is diabetic.

Gizmo is 17 pounds of purring affection who is happy to cut off blood circulation to you legs by getting cozy in your lap. I didn’t need my legs anyway.


Honey-bunch, Honey-bundle

Honey came to us at the ripe old age of 15 a few weeks before he was joined by his sister Clover.

He was a big guy with a tiny meow and a lipoma on his shoulder that we named Frank



Honey’s sister came to live with us a few weeks after he did. She was a dainty kitty with a big attitude.

Clover’s favorite activities are sleeping in Penny’s favorite chair or sleeping in Penny’s lap.



Purrcy came to us when her peoples’ living situation changed.

She’s in charge of keeping Penny’s favorite chair from floating away and occupying any empty laps.

Long-Term Foster Family Members


Post-Toasties, Toaster Strudel, Toaster Oven, Toasters

Toast is one of a litter of kittens that belong to several family members of friends of Mew-Mew House.

There aren’t many more chill cats than Toast.

He’s also clever. He knows how to manipulate to dogs into opening the dog door for him.

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