Possum's Tour of Mew-Mew House

My name is Possum. I live at Mew-Mew House. I’m going to give you the tour.

That picture on the top of the page is the house from the outside. I don’t go out there. Meowmie doesn’t let us go outside. That’s ok.

This is me and my Meowmie. She takes care of all of us.

Meowmie does this thing called ‘science.’ You can learn more about here on her other web page, epochisotopes.com.

I live in this house with Meowmie, The Boy™, and The Teen™. My brother Toast (playing with me in this picture) and I belong to The Teen™ but they’re in college so we stay with Meowmie.

At Mew-Mew House, I have eleven cat brothers and sisters, and two dog brothers. We all get along really well. Mostly.

This is one of my favorite places, the kitchen. Meowmie puts the nummy food in bowls here. She says she’s going to renovate one day because the kitchen doesn’t work very well.

Those notes on the cabinets are reminders of how to care for all of us here, in case Meowmie can’t do it. But she’s always here, so we don’t have to worry. Meowmie just likes to plan ahead, just in case.

Here is Meowmie’s office where she does science. She sits here a lot. I make sure I jump on her if I think she’s sat for too long.

In the same room, there is a nice cat tree where we can sit and watch the birds outside or take a nap.

There’s also this table with these neat skulls (they’re plastic, don’t worry). Meowmie put bird feeders outside so we can see all the birds. There’s a drinking fountain there, just for us!

It’s winter time, so it’s cold. This room is the warmest in the whole house. Meowmie put a gate around the fireplace so none of us get burned. I like to sleep right in front of it.

Here are my dog brothers, Scout and Comet. They have access to the warm room, but not to the whole house. When I don’t want to play with the dogs, I can go to the other side of the gates and they won’t bother me.

This is Comet. He can’t come through the gate, so he just sits and watches me.

Even though traditionally cats and dogs don’t like each other, Comet is a good friend. Scout usually likes to be outside, so we don’t see him much. But he’s nice to us.

This is my sister Spell. She’s always angry, but she does shoe art. She is so talented she has her own Twitter account, @SpelltheCat.

This room is dog-free. Meowmie likes to watch TV in here, too, but it’s a little cold in the winter. She also exercises in here. I don’t understand ‘exercise,’ but Meowmie seems to like it.

This is the welcome crate. Whenever a new cat moves in, they start in this crate so they can be safe. Once new cats are comfortable, Meowmie opens it up so we can eat and play in there.

We have a nice fountain to drink out of up here too. It’s also fun to play in this water.

Meowmie’s bedroom is also dog-free. We all like to sleep on the bed with her. Monster (in the photo) just sleeps all the time.

I really like living at Mew-Mew House because there are great places to play and wonderful friends to play with. I can’t wait until more friends move in!

Cat Testimonials

Get off my lawn

— Spell

I appreciate the staff’s efforts to keep us all fed.

— Shadow

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