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Mew-Mew House exists to provide a loving long-term home for cats for whom a traditional shelter-to-adoption is not a good option. These are typically senior and geriatric cats as well as those with long term special needs.

Here are several ways with which you can support Mew-Mew House.

Veterinary Expenses

The rescued cats are all seen at Williamson Animal Hospital in Williamson, NY

Click through to go to the vet’s website

Purchase Supplies

Supplies are always appreciated. We never stop needing cat clumping cat litter.

Click here for a list of our regular supplies (food and litter)

We would be grateful to receive supplies at this address:

6606 E Townline Rd
Williamson, NY 14589

Monthly Support through Patreon

Our owner, Penny, maintains a Patreon page though which you can manage a monthly donation of whatever amount you wish.

Direct to Bank Payments

It’s possible to use online means to support Mew-Mew House. Funds go directly to Penny Higgins, who owns and lives in Mew-Mew House



It is also possible to use services like Google Pay and Zelle to send money to Penny. Email her at for more information.

Buy Penny a Beer on Ko-fi

Sometimes, Penny just needs an adult beverage. Like when the cat has a hairball on her favorite comforter.

Go to Penny’s Ko-fi to buy her a much-needed beer or two for those rough moments.

Purchase Products on PaleoPix

PaleoPix is a for-profit owned by Mew-Mew House’s owner, Penny. Profits from there ultimately keep the lights on at Mew-Mew House.

PaleoPix’s Etsy shop

PaleoPix’s RedBubble shop

Buy a 2021 calendar featuring Mew-Mew House’s feline residents!

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