The Cast of Mew-Mew House: Comet and Scout – Feline-Friendly Hounds

Not only do we share our home with the cats, but we also have two goofy dogs to keep us entertained.

Comet (left) and Scout. Both are pure-bred huskies and they’re cousins

Though huskies are labeled as rambunctious and high-energy (and these two certainly are), Comet and Scout are completely gentle with our beloved seniors.

Spell and Comet having a moment

Comet does try to play with the cats, but if they don’t respond favorably, he gives up and lays down to observe.

These two could knock the gate down, but they don’t. Because they’re the BEST dogs.

For cats that aren’t fond of the dogs, there are dog-free parts of the house with gates (which all have cat doors). There’s always shelter for the cats in this home.

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