The Cats (Cast?) of Mew-Mew House: Arthur Dent

Arthur came to us from New Jersey. At about ten months old, he’s already had plenty of trauma in his life. He was brought here so he can just be a cat and do cat things.

Arthur Dent’s first moments at Mew-Mew House

At the end of May 2019, Arthur Dent was trapped as a three-month-old stray kitten. His jaw was broken. Vets wired his jaw back together and nursed him back to health.

They named him Jaws.

His recovery had ups and downs. He had a seizure at one point. Vet records suggest this might have been due to low blood sugar.

He wasn’t too keen on being a cage cat and poor Arthur got a reputation for being a little bitey.

Expert bird catcher

All told, Arthur Dent lived at the vet clinic about seven months. Because of his unpleasant demeanor, people at the clinic were unable to find a suitable foster for him, and it was decided he’d be released back to the colony after neutering.

Luckily, Arthur has advocates. People in New Jersey did not want to see him turned out in the middle of December and put out a call for fosters. A local friend of ours shared the call and we at Mew-Mew House couldn’t let Arthur Dent down.

Arthur Dent has mixed feelings about that person with the camera

He was driven to Rochester by one of his rescuers in New Jersey and then delivered here by a local Rochesterian.

It’s been a week since he entered this house. The first thing we did was change his name. Arthur Dent is much more appropriate for someone who hitched a ride up here. Thursdays aren’t his favorite, but he does always have a towel.

Having a snack with Snow

Though he remains skeptical of our motives, Arthur Dent enjoys having friends of his own age here and gets along well with the other feline residents of Mew-Mew House.

In the end, we don’t really care if he doesn’t like people. As long as he gets along with the other cats, we could not be happier to have him!

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