The Cats (Cast?) of Mew-Mew House: Spell

As a dilute tortie, Spell definitely embodies the ‘tortitude’ that many tortoiseshell cats are said to embody.

I run this house

Spell (AKA Spelly Bean) fancies herself the Princess of the house, and conducts herself as such.

The first cat on your lap at the end of a long day, she will happily provide ample purrs and make muffins on your leg, and then grace you with ‘love sprinkles’ (which is her drooling for joy).

Spell is also quick to remind you when she disapproves, growling, scowling, and swiping with claws as needed.

“Stop working and pet me.”

Most impressively, Spell is a shoe artist and has her own Twitter account.
Posing proudly with this installation. No, she really is smiling.

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