The Cats (Cast?) of Mew-Mew House: Justin

Last Wednesday, after getting my son on the bus, I took a walk to the wood pile. It’s winter. It’s cold. I needed to bring in more wood. This is what I found:

Lion surveys his lands.

He is an incredibly friendly and trusting cat, which makes me think he’s a lost or abandoned pet. But that he’s clearly been out through the winter and was neither neutered nor microchipped, I have to wonder if he’s just an anomaly in the feral cat world.

Long story short, I’ve done my due diligence to try to identify an owner, and in the meantime, he’s now fully vetted and neutered. I named him Justin.

Toys are fun.

The vet thinks he’s about one year old. Despite being heavily matted and dirty (and slightly skunk scented) he has shown himself to be a perfectly ordinary house cat.

If no owners come forward, he’ll stay with us until he’s recovered and his white fur has turned white again. Then we’ll make a decision about whether to re-home him or if he’ll be a permanent member of Mew-Mew House.

I think Justin’s already decided what he’d like.

I choose you!

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