The Cast of Mew-Mew House: Comet and Scout – Feline-Friendly Hounds

Not only do we share our home with the cats, but we also have two goofy dogs to keep us entertained.

Comet (left) and Scout. Both are pure-bred huskies and they’re cousins

Though huskies are labeled as rambunctious and high-energy (and these two certainly are), Comet and Scout are completely gentle with our beloved seniors.

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Rainbow Bridge

On June 12, 2019, Spike crossed the Rainbow Bridge, ending his struggle against FIV.

Contemplative Spike

Spike was truly the most chill cat I’ve ever known. He was unperturbed by the hyper dogs, not troubled by the vacuum cleaner, and generally just happy to see you.

Where’s my food?

Spike earned the title of Pope in the household, as all the other animals tended to revere him.

He exuded personality, and will be missed.

The Cats (Cast?) of Mew-Mew House: Shadow

Shadow is the clever big boy of the group, who’s figured out how to use the dog door. We try to be indoor-only here, but far too frequently, I find Shadow waiting for me at the front door when I get home from a long day of work.

Shadow, the Emperor of the house.
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The Cats (Cast?) of Mew-Mew House: Sage

Bringing Sage home from the animal shelter was when I realized that I wanted to operate a rescue. Poor Sage had spent an entire year at the shelter. For some reason, no one was interested in taking on a friendly 12-year-old cat with no other health problems.

Pensive Sage.
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